Tools Of The Steam Carpet Cleaning Professional

Just like you cannot fix a car without the right tools, the same goes for carpet cleaning. It takes more than just a fancy truck going down the road to get the job done. There most popular style of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning and it requires a few certain tools to get the job done. We will take a look at some of the tools required.

You need a sturdy truck or van to get started. A sturdy vehicle is required because you will need to mount a motor and large vacuum system inside the truck. These are mounted in the truck because it is much easier to haul hoses into the hose then lugging these big units around. The truck should also have enough storage area to put various hoses, chemicals, and the other tools we will discuss.

We mentioned in the previous paragraph hoses. Several different types are required to get the job done and they must be of high quality to stand up to the rigours of the business and avoid down time. You will need a total of about 70 meters of hose for each type. The most important hose is the heavy duty vacuum hose as this is always in use. The next most used hose is your standard water hose. You need to run one water hose from the water tap to the truck cleaning unit and another from the truck cleaning unit to the vacuum/spray head. The vacuum/spray head is another important piece of equipment used in carpet cleaning. Find out more, go to

A well prepared steam extraction cleaner will keep several other pieces of equipment on hand too. Electrical extension cords always come in handy. A spare wet/dry vacuum is a necessity and a few heavy duty blower fans for drying are always a good idea to have. A chemical sprayer for pre spotting stains comes in handy and an assortment of brushes for help in getting up stains is important too. There are also many different nozzles for the vacuum/spray head for doing different jobs like stairways and upholstery cleaning. An actual tool set on board for emergencies is never a bad idea too.

Having the right tools for the job saves you time and money and makes you look like a true professional. The importance of this can never be understated. Down time because you used second rate parts may end up costing you more in the long run. Stock these things and keep some spares and the work will go smoothly every time.