When planning an event having the perfect location is a key component to its success.  Many companies that rent out their spaces for events are typically setup to host specific groups of people such as business clients, weddings, seminars and more.  Understanding this will help you limit your options and home in on the best Twin Cities event venues possible.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Where will be the best place to hold your event, indoor or outdoor?  Typically, when holding events, people will choose indoor locations.  This is primarily for environmental control, the ability to have access to a kitchen.  When hosting outdoor events, the weather is a major concern, local pollution from the public, nature and unforeseen situations are possible.

The view

Hosting outdoor events are typically selected for their location and amenities.  For after event parties and gatherings the same location will serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos and videos.


What entertainment will be preforming at the event?  If a live band will be playing, then the need for electrical power could be a possibility.  If you are going to have a DJ or use other electronic equipment, then an indoor venue would be wiser.

Number of guests

Knowing how many guests will be attending will help determine if you will have an indoor or outdoor event.  Many indoor venues will only allow for specific number of people to be in a room.  Fire hazards and other legal reasons will only allow for a set number of people.

Time of year

The time of year for events is also a large player in picking a venue.  For example, if you wanted to have an outdoor wedding then picking a park in the middle of winter might not be a good idea.  The same goes for picking an indoor venue.  If you pick an indoor venue in the middle of August will the room have air conditioning, or would it rain and ruin an outdoor event?


How will the event be decorated?  If you are going to rely on a lot of natural beauty such as plants and flowers, then having an outdoor event may be an inexpensive way to go. If you wanted to have streamers, flashing lights and signage then having an indoor venue may fit the bill.

Time to put the event together

Many venues require a large window in order to book them.  For example, weddings will need to be booked a year or so in advance.  Other smaller locations such as hotels and restraints are typically available with short or no notice.  When picking a venue knowing exactly what you want and where you want it far enough ahead of time will increase your odds of booking that specific location.


Twin Cities event venuestime of year for events

Finally, the budget for your venue will need to be put aside early in your planning process.  Having a large deposit for some locations will also be required in some cases.  Having these funds together and available will also set the foundation for your venue choice.